Pros and Cons of Using a Wireless Subwoofer

Some companies such as Sonos have launched wireless subwoofers recently. These products typically tie in with an existing network or with a proprietary network that is made up by the components which are sold as a wireless system. The question is how useful is it to purchase a wireless subwoofer in a typical home theater setting. I will try to answer this and give you my thoughts on the subject.

First of all, wireless subwoofers are quite similar to regular subwoofers in that they incorporate an amplifier. And amplifiers crucial for producing the large wattage that is required for driving the war far which is incorporated into the subwoofer enclosure. Typically you will need an amplified is capable of at least delivering a hundred Watts. They are even subwoofers that can deliver over 1000 Watts. Surely, you wouldn’t want to distribute such a wattage over a speaker cable.

Therefore, using a simple RCA cable would do the trick. Alternatively, you can purchase a wireless subwoofer which will eliminate the long …

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